OSCIEF Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access OSCIEF labs and equipment?

Laboratory Access:  Entry to our labs is gained by using a NINT swipe card.  You must first arrange 5th-Floor access to NINT via Kevin Heidebrecht (Chemical and Materials Engineering) or Suzanne Roy (Mechanical Engineering).  Once you have floor access you can e-mail the OSCIEF project manager, Glen Thomas, for access to individual labs.

Equipment Use:

STEP 1-Talk to your supervisor to determine the instrument and the associated costs.

STEP 2 – Have your supervisor complete and sign an indent and an OSCIEF user agreement (available from the OSCIEF technician).

STEP 3 – Bring the indent and user agreement to OSCIEF and talk to the technician about your work.

STEP 4 – Set up a training time with the OSCIEF technician.

STEP 5 – Once you’ve been trained, you can book a time for the instrument with our technician.

STEP 6 – Please enter all instrument time in the appropriate instrument log book.

How much does it cost to use OSCIEF equipment and services?

The equipment costs are posted on this website and are updated approximately once every year.

How do I pay?

Academics can pay using an indent.

Private companies can issue a purchase order.

How much does training cost?

Training is currently free but, like other campus facilities, we will charge for training starting September 1, 2011.

Why does OSCIEF charge for equipment use?

OSCIEF operates on a cost-recovery basis.  The user fees help us to purchase consumables and pay for equipment repairs.

Can I use the equipment by myself?

Once users have been trained on a particular instrument they can use that instrument by themselves.  Please note that you must receive training for each instrument you want to use.

How do I book an instrument?

Booking is currently organized by the OSCIEF technician – please contact Ni Yang to book instrument time.

Can I use the facility in the evenings or on weekends?

The facility is open during regular business hours:  08:30-16:30, Monday-Friday.